What is the approximate profit of opening an ice cream shop? Part two


6. When creating an ice cream atmosphere, the use of co […]

6. When creating an ice cream atmosphere, the use of color is also important. In the color design of the ice cream shop environment, there should be a bright, rich, harmonious and unified atmosphere. In the process of operating an ice cream shop, attention should also be paid to the role of the colors of the products, decorations and containers that they operate, because Baocai can also affect the taste. Such as lemon gives a sour feeling, pink makes people feel sweet, dark green or blue makes people feel cool, which is conducive to the sale of cold drinks. By mastering these colors, you can use different colors to sell consumer goods in beverage stores, and get good business results.

7. Develop new customers and maintain old customers. The stability of the customer base is not just about developing new customers. Ice cream franchisees also use old customers to drive new customers to consume. They can use the contacts of old customers for publicity, which will attract a large number of new customers to the store to experience consumption. Or send a gift on holiday to have fun with consumers. Perhaps a small gift can increase customers' favorability towards franchise stores. You can also grasp the consumer psychology that customers need for preferential prices to achieve the purpose of entering the store!

8. Service attitude. Consumers usually pay attention to your service and products in ice cream shops, so the waiter's attitude is better. The waiter should treat the customer with a smile at all times. This is not very practical for ordinary restaurants, but should ask the restaurant's waiter If the customer has any requirements, be more enthusiastic, because this is the professional criterion to be done as a waiter!

9. Understand consumer needs. Do more market research to understand the needs of customers, see which ice cream is more popular among customers, and then introduce it to new customers. In addition, the continuous innovation of products keeps pace with the fashion frontline and meets the needs of consumers. Today, the post-80s and post-90s are the major consumer groups in the ice cream industry. They demand that ice cream is delicious, as well as the pursuit of personalization, fashion avant-garde and other elements. Ice cream franchisees should be aware of this! Ice cream shops want to attract customers, in addition to creating In addition to the atmosphere, you can also start with store activities. For example, girls like to drink a cup of ice cream and gather friends to post a circle of friends. The tea shop uses this to do activities and let consumers get a cup of ice cream to send to the circle of friends. This is also a good brand promotion for ice cream shops.

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