How much is the profit of opening an ice cream shop?Part one


1. Do more market research, understand customer needs, […]

1. Do more market research, understand customer needs, see which ice cream is more sought after by customers, and then introduce it to new customers. The ice cream shop wants to attract consumers, the service work should be done well, the attitude should be peaceful, and the service should be good. I believe no customer will want to go to an ice cream franchise store with a bad service attitude. If the customer's mood is good, he will naturally spend the money Money, perhaps a little greeting from you, will get a customer's visit and consumption.
2. Opening an ice cream shop wants to attract customers to pay attention to the atmosphere, the atmosphere is a point that every entrepreneur in the catering industry now pays attention to when operating, this is due to the competition in the catering industry. For entrepreneurs in an ice cream franchise store, wanting to attract consumers is not limited to the taste of ice cream, the environmental atmosphere in the store is also important.
3. Decoration and furnishings. Create a different atmosphere for consumers. When creating an ice cream shop atmosphere, the positioning of the ice cream shop should be clearly reflected in the decoration and furnishings. Commercial drink shops and cultural ice cream shops have different styles. Of course, the decoration costs invested will also vary greatly.
4. When creating an ice cream shop atmosphere, you can also choose to incorporate some themes. For example, cat-themed ice cream shops, there are many cute cats in the store, which will attract many cat lovers; if you can choose to operate anime-themed ice cream shops, it will also be favored by many consumers.
5. Propaganda. Ice cream shop products are important, but if the consumer knows your store, then the possibility of customers coming to consume is not high, so the ice cream shop operator should do a good job in the promotion of the store. Effect, do a good job of publicizing, and show the source and cultural heritage of ice cream franchise stores in the form of magazines or posters. At the same time, the ice cream franchise itself must often carry out some distinctive marketing activities to promote the customer's desire to buy, and gain the customer's recognition through the strength of its own brand. This is an important method for the ice cream franchise.

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