How to distinguish and buy ice cream machine


Ice cream is roughly divided into two types: soft ice c […]

Ice cream is roughly divided into two types: soft ice cream and hard ice cream. Soft ice cream such as KFC or MCD ice cream cones, a soft ice cream machine is needed to make this ice cream. At the same time, it can produce two simple flavors + one mixed flavor. The machine generally has different prices according to the output and compressor performance. Generally, the price of domestic soft ice cream machine ranges from 6000-15000, and the small shops of imported ice cream machines (such as those used for KFC) do not need to consider. There is no need to invest so much money in equipment, unless you are very big and very rich. At present, KFC, DQ, MCD, etc. are all used by Taylor's machines, the price is about 100,000-200,000. The cheapest imported machines also need 4 -50,000 hard ice creams here specifically refers to homemade ice creams in ice cream shops. Before talking about hard ice creams, let’s talk about fancy ice cream. Many friends who don’t understand will have misunderstandings.

Many friends have asked me questions like these. What kind of machine is it made of, can the machine you sell make that kind of beautiful fancy? This is a very simple question, we see a lot of beautiful ones in many ice cream shops outside, including pictures on the Internet Ice cream is not made with a machine, of course, the ice cream itself is made with an ice cream machine. And all kinds of fancy and styling are made with a variety of fresh fruits, dipping sauce, dots, chocolate pins, cookies, canned food, cream, Chocolate decoration and other things are combined together, so hard ice cream is not equivalent to fancy ice cream, but most ice cream used in fancy ice cream is hard ice cream, and some products use soft ice cream. To make hard ice cream, you need a hard ice cream machine and the corresponding auxiliary materials required in the recipe, such as rum, almonds, fruits, vegetables, fruit vinegar, etc. If you want to sell hard ice cream, you need a hard ice cream.

Display cabinet, in this way, all kinds of ice cream can be put in the cabinet for customers to choose, the price of hard ice cream machine and display cabinet is about 25,000. Before you choose to buy ice cream machine, first determine what you need machine. Instead of directly looking at the price of the machine, it is the same as buying other products. Some friends only pay attention to the price. Many friends ask me nothing when consulting. The first sentence is, how much is your machine. I think the first thing to understand before buying any midwife is what kind of products I need. Including what kind of performance, color, texture, service, quality, size, place of origin and price are needed. Here I rank the price last. Because it is useless to see the price without knowing the previous items.

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