If you don’t know what to sell, let’s take a look at the ice cream


To promote employment, stimulate consumption, and sprea […]

To promote employment, stimulate consumption, and spread the economy, the king returns. In the stall market, everything can be sold, daily necessities and clothing, there is nothing you can’t buy, only what you can’t think of, after seeing so many hot stores, if you want to try it yourself, try food. After all, many people can’t stop talking while shopping, eat or shop, food can’t be bought, food can’t be eaten, ice cream, as a food acceptable to men, women and children, is definitely the darling of the market in the hot summer. Not only can it cool down and relieve the heat, but it can also help people replenish energy. It is simply a "must-have" when shopping. For a stall, product quality is also an important factor to attract customers.

How much is the profit of opening an ice cream shop?
Different brands cost differently. In the selection of franchise brands, comprehensive consideration is given to brand scale, franchise fee, franchise support, etc., which suits you.
Generally, the fees that franchise brands can incur are
1. Company fees include franchise fees, security deposits, management fees, material purchase fees and other fees. The fees charged by each brand are also different.
2. Budget your own local rents, renovation fees, staff salaries, and operating expenses.
Now that the era of good business without spending money on promotion is over, marketing includes a lot of hope to learn more.

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