Technical Parameter:

Model BBX6-6000 BBX8-8000 BBX12-12000 BBX18-15000
Hour Ability 6000 8000 12000 15000
Strip mold quantity 468 468 468 468
Mold quantity of each strip 6 8 12 18
Standard electromotor power 380V/3/50HZ
Max mold dimension(mm) 55×30×160
Horse power(aw) 10 11.5 13 18
Cooling capacity 70000 90000 140000 200000
Temperature of brine water 28℃~-34℃
Flow rate of brine pump 80 90 140 180
Inserting stick specification 114×10x2 or 93x10×2

Inserting stick specification


13x1.5×2.5 13×1.7×2.5 13×2×2.5 13×2.5×2.5
Gross Weight 7000KGS 8000KGS 12000KGS 16000KGS
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Product Description

8000pcs per hour auto bar ice cream machine It's stick ice cream machine
1>making stick ice cream machine
2>capacity:4000-8000pcs per hour ice cream
3>automatic stainless steel ice cream machine

Material:Stainless steel
Production available:4000pcs-8000pcs
Standard Units:
(1)Ice-water unit
(2)Suction unit
(3)ice cream filling unit
(4)stick insert unit
(5)chocolate accessories

1 fully automatic, multi-functional colorful ice-cream bar production line;
2 with exterior cold source;
3 produce all kinds of different flavors and different shapes of ice cream bar products.
4 can be equipped with various accessories to produce many kinds of ice-creams of different tastes like shell, sandwich and chocolate-coated ice-cream.
5The lce-cream produced is of diversified designs and colors, unique flavors, pleasing appearances and fresh and savory tastes and other features.

Our factory is established in 1984, As a famous China ICE CREAM STICK MACHINE Suppliers ice cream machines manufacturers, We are specialised in design, manufacturing, sale and service of equipment and complete plants for the ICE CREAM STICK MACHINE.

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