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Max production capacity 9000 PCS/H
Unit gramme 50-500 G
Electricity Power 3/380/50 PH/V/Hz
Total consumption Power 6 KW
Air pressure 0.5-0.6 MPa
Air eliminated 3-4 m³/MIN
Mould quantity 72 PCS
Distance of mould pore at center 100 MM
Weight 2.5 TONS
Dimension 5(L)*1.2(W)*2.4(H) M
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Product Description

BG-4S6 Multi-functional icecream filling machine is designed for filling ice cream for varioustypes/sizes of egg-roll,plasic cup,jams,water ice,chocolate etc...It can use cutting function by customizing.

The frame of machine is consisted of stainless steel and the parts which contact to foods are made of stainless steel that is accordance to highest food hygiene.Machine is run the intermittent linear motion by an inverter motor driving the divider.The main cam control the drop cup and ejector cups.By the machnical pulling,the linear mould system and the major machanical parts of machince is to keep a synchronous operation.The relevant sifnal will be sent to PLC by the scroll code device to control every function units of machine accuratelly and to be very stable.The machine is a type of opening frame which is very convenient for water cleaning.This icecream machine also can be changed the mould distance to fit different sizes cups or container and no need to change the chain.

Our factory is established in 1984, As a famous China BG-4S6 ICECREAM FILLING MACHINE Suppliers ice cream machines manufacturers, We are specialised in design, manufacturing, sale and service of equipment and complete plants for the BG-4S6 ICECREAM FILLING MACHINE.

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