Yogurt ice cream is more nutricious than normal ice cream


In fact yogurt ice cream is more nutricious than normal […]

In fact yogurt ice cream is more nutricious than normal ice cream

Ice cream and frozen yogurt both use two main ingredients: dairy and sugar, contain flavorings or other ingredients. Which one is more healthier?

In fact, frozen yogurt is more nutritious than ordinary ice cream. Compared to other frozen desserts, frozen yogurt has more healthy benefits, contains beneficial nutrients and bacteria, lower levels of lactose and fewer calories than other desserts like ice cream.

For people who more pay attention to weight loss, they would more likely choose frozen yogurt more than ordinary ice cream.

If you are going to start your ice cream business, choosing an ice cream machine or soft serve vending machine that not only can produce ordinary ice cream, but also can make frozen yogurt is an excellent choice.

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