What is the use method of ice cream machine?


Delicious and delicious ice cream is the best choice in […]

Delicious and delicious ice cream is the best choice in summer, delicious and delicious taste, it feels really great! But the ice cream purchased outside has added a lot of additives, it will not only gain weight, but also love the body. So many families will choose to buy ice cream machines by themselves and make healthy and delicious ice cream at home. Today, just follow me to see how to use the ice cream machine and how to make it!

1. How to use the ice cream machine

1. Simply freeze the fruit for 20 hours, then let it thaw naturally for 10 minutes.

2. Restart the ice cream switch and place the frozen fruits into the machine, so you can get healthy desserts!

3. Fruits must be peeled-cut into pieces-those with seeds and cores should be removed ~ be sure to remove

4. Do not move the machine during use, do not use it continuously for 2 minutes at a time, do a 2 minute ice cream break for 1 minute and then start. Do not put the main unit in water for cleaning, just wipe it with a cloth.

Second, the method of making ice cream

1. Weigh 0.5 kg of fresh milk, 0.13 kg of cream, 0.75 kg of nut paste, 0.15 kg of white granulated sugar, 0.1 kg of egg yolk, and trace edible flavors.

2. Add a small amount of hot milk to the well-preserved nut paste and prepare it into a thin paste.

3. Put the weighed white granulated sugar into the egg yolk and mix it evenly, then add the thin paste nut milk and stir well; 4. Then slowly pour the boiled fresh milk into the sugar and egg yolk, add a trace of flavor, Stir well, pour into the container and freeze in the refrigerator, and serve.

Technological process: Select materials according to proportion → Mix sauce, milk into paste ten sugar, egg mix → Boil milk → mix all three → freeze.

How to buy ice cream machine?
As soon as summer arrives, in front of the ice cream shop, people who buy ice cream can line up in a long line. The delicious ice cream is very happy to eat, but the ice cream sold on the market often adds a lot of harmful ingredients such as pigments, preservatives and flavors. Over time, it will always be harmful to our health. Because of this, many people choose to buy an ice cream machine and make ice cream at home, so how do you buy an ice cream machine? Come and see with me.
1. Look at the compressor

At present, there are two main types of household ice cream machines: with compressor or not. The ice cream machine with compressor can directly cool and make ice cream quickly, but the price is higher; the one without the compressor needs the help of the refrigerator to complete the production, the price is cheaper, between 100-300, but the production is more time consuming. You can choose different models according to your needs.

As far as I know, there is now an ice cream machine called Mi Duo which is very popular among white-collar workers. Unlike other ice cream machines that only have a stirring effect, this latest ice cream machine uses electronic chip cooling, intelligent automation, and does not need to rely on the refrigerator to make ice cream. The most important thing for ice cream is the freezing effect. It seems that the merchant can launch this integrated product.

2. Look at the production materials

Whether the materials used to make products are healthy and safe is also a concern. Take the Mido ice cream machine mentioned above. All parts that come into contact with food ingredients are food-grade materials, using aerospace-grade refrigeration originals for safety and security. Therefore, when purchasing an ice cream machine, the body is at least healthier with food grade materials.

3. Look at the mixing leaves

It is best to choose an ice cream machine that uses a pusher to stir the rotating pages. Such a turning page is easier to shape, the ice cream produced is more beautiful, and the taste is better.

4. Look at the liner

Also pay attention to the inner container of the ice cream machine when buying, preferably all aluminum. Such a liner is more durable, and can also quickly conduct temperature.

5. Look at the condensate

For ice cream machines without a compressor, the condensate is the key to making ice cream, because the condensate can play a cooling effect. Good inlet condensate has a short freezing time, generally only needs to be placed in the refrigerator for about 8 hours, which can shorten the production time. If you often make ice cream, it is recommended to buy a small-scale home ice cream machine with integrated refrigeration, which will be more convenient.

The above is the method of purchasing the ice cream machine I introduced to you. Hot summer, making an ice cream is undoubtedly the best choice to relieve the heat. Friends who like to eat ice cream can buy an ice cream according to the introduction of the editor Machine, do it yourself at home.

How to disinfect and clean the ice cream machine?
The newly purchased ice cream machine must first be disinfected and cleaned. The purpose of disinfection and cleaning is to ensure that the ice cream produced meets the hygienic requirements, so disinfection and cleaning is necessary and necessary. So how to clean the ice cream machine? Let me introduce you.

Ice cream machine disinfection and cleaning

1. Use 5L warm water to prepare an appropriate amount of cleaning and disinfecting solution, and pour it into two material tanks in equal amount;

2. Turn on the power and press the cleaning button, stir for about 5 minutes, press the handle to remove the cleaning fluid;

3. Rinse with clean water 2 to 3 times, press the stop button to turn off the emergency stop switch;

4. After turning off the power, disassemble and wash all parts;

1. Unscrew the 4 screws on the discharge valve and remove the discharge valve assembly;

2. Remove the handle fixing pin, handle, stem, stem seal ring, and discharge valve seal ring from the discharge valve assembly in turn;

3. Remove the stirrer from the freezing cylinder and remove the stirring seal sleeve;

4. Clean the dismantled parts one by one, if possible, remove the dismantled parts

5. Soak in disinfectant for more than 10 minutes to eliminate all kinds of bacteria, molds and viruses that cause harm to human body. 6. Then wash it with clean water, check the degree of wear, and replace it if necessary.

7. Assemble the parts according to the reverse steps of disassembly. When assembling the valve stem and the sealing sleeve, apply lubricant to the periphery of the sealing ring and the sealing sleeve.


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