What are the steps to use the home ice cream machine


In the hot summer days, many people will eat ice cream […]

In the hot summer days, many people will eat ice cream to relieve the heat. Some friends who like to make DIY will want to buy an ice cream machine to make ice cream. It is both environmentally friendly and healthy.There are many additives in the ice cream made by the merchants, which are harmful to the health of the body. The raw materials and machines are used every day. Hygiene must be irrelevant. Many people who eat ice cream and experience gastrointestinal discomfort may be the reason. Naturally don't worry. For this reason, I will tell you about the home ice cream machine. Steps for usage.

Household ice cream machines are not as complicated as professional ice cream machines. They are usually done with one click.

First, prepare the raw materials, and then mix the prepared milk or milk powder, cream, egg white, jam, etc. into the ice cream machine to make it.

Next, the ice cream machine will do the mixing process, mainly the principle of mixing, which has a small mixing shaft, but for those who really make ice cream, such a mixing shaft has no effect. The domestic ice cream machine It can only be hard things like ice-cream popsicles and popsicles. It is impossible to make a thick and delicious ice cream that is very smooth.

Finally, put the stirred semi-finished products into the refrigerator to freeze, and the ice cream machine with higher price will have refrigeration function.

The home ice cream machine has a small size and low power. It is suitable for individuals and families to use homemade DIY entertainment hobbies.

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