How many kinds of ice cream are there?


When the hot summer day comes, what are the best heat-r […]

When the hot summer day comes, what are the best heat-relieving medicines in your heart? I guess there must be Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, watermelon, and ice cream. All kinds of fresh and tempting ice cream are absolutely essential in summer. The delicious ice cream is not only fresh and delicious, but also generally good-looking, suitable for taking pictures. But do you know how many types of ice cream are divided into, and what kind of ice cream is the most expensive? I will tell you today.

American ice cream Hard Ice Cream is actually the most common ice cream, also called hard ice cream, which is the basic type of ice cream. The milk fat content of this ice cream is generally not less than 10%, the sweetness is higher, and the sugar content is between 12%-16%. It always has a variety of flavors and decorative ingredients. If you like this kind of material with high sweetness and not afraid of being greasy, American ice cream is very suitable for you.

Soft-Serve Soft-Serve is no different from ordinary ice cream in terms of raw materials. Its characteristic is aptly named, it is soft, because it has a higher air content. But in terms of production, Soft-Serve is different from ordinary ice cream. It freezes the moment it is sold, because Soft-Serve is mainly made by special machines. In the machine, it is still liquid, but when the staff When you start to operate the machine, air will enter the freezer and stir with the raw materials inside and then quickly freeze. Like the ice cream we usually see squeezed on the cone from the machine, it belongs to the Soft-serve. Because it is rich in air, the Soft-serve always tastes very light and soft. In addition, the online celebrity dark ice cream we mentioned before is actually Soft-serve.

If you want to ask who is the best in the ice cream industry, Gelato? Of course it is Gelato.Although Gelato also means ice cream in Italian, it is quite different from ordinary ice cream, mainly in its fat content, air content and temperature. Gelato has strict control on the fat content. Its fat content is on average 10% less than ordinary ice cream, because its milk base uses far more milk than the proportion of cream and eggs, so the taste is softer and softer than ordinary ice cream. The scent of milk is also stronger. Even the fruit-flavored Gelato, also known as Sorbetto, does not even add milk, only fresh fruit and sugar. So compared to ordinary ice cream, eating Gelato is not easy to get fat.

French Ice Cream has a characteristic, that is, in addition to cream or milk, egg yolk is added during the production process, so compared to American ice cream, its texture will be thicker and the taste will be more viscous, but at the same time very Silky.

The ice cream made with fresh fruit or fresh juice and sugar is Sorbet. Sherbet is an ice cream that is particularly suitable for lactose intolerance because it does not contain any dairy products.

As the name implies, organic ice cream uses only natural organic ingredients, which is more beneficial to human health and digestion.

If I want to have some cool and exciting ice cream, and I am afraid of getting fat, then look for ice cream with lower calories. Focus on those ice creams that are printed with reduced-fat (reduced-fat / light ice cream), low-fat (low fat), fat free, and no Sugar Added (No Sugar Added) labels. But note that even if it is skim ice cream, if it has a high sugar content, the calories will not be low, so the most important thing is to remember to check the calorie level in the ice cream nutrition table.

Although everyone is called ice cream, in fact, if you study it carefully, you will find that there are so many ice cream doorways, and some ice creams are more powerful and have a different status.

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