Do you know the history of ice cream?


Ice cream is a common dessert that is very popular amon […]

Ice cream is a common dessert that is very popular among the public. There are many types of ice cream nowadays, and the flavors are even more diverse. So, do you know the history of the development of delicious ice cream?

There is no record in history who invented ice cream. Its origin can be traced back to the second century BC. At that time, the Chinese creatively mixed rice and milk on a plate and then frozen in the snow. According to legend, the Chinese monarch, Shang Tang, employs more than 90 people. Their job is to mix flour, camphor, water, milk and ice. According to other records, the Chinese first invented the "ice cream machine": Fill a jar with sweet syrup, and then wrap it with ice and salt.

There were other desserts similar to ice cream in the early days. For example, Alexander the Great liked to eat snow mixed with honey. It is said that the Roman emperor Nero Claudius Caesar once sent people up to the mountain to collect ice and snow, and paired it with juice and fruit, the taste is a bit like shaved ice from the first century AD. Obviously, these early "ice creams" were just luxury goods enjoyed by the rich. After all, not everyone has the ability to send servants to climb mountains to fetch snow.

The earliest embryonic form of modern ice cream originated from a recipe that Marco Polo brought back to Italy from China. That recipe is very similar to the sherbet we are talking about now. After that, it is said that Catherine de Medici brought this dessert to France in 1533 when he married Henry II. In the 17th century, it is said that King Charles I of England loved "cream ice" so much that he even paid to ask the chef to keep the recipe secret and not open it to the public, because in his opinion it was exclusive to the royal family. However, these two stories first appeared in the nineteenth century, and it has been many years since the stories happened, so it is hard to say whether they are true or false.

The first place in Europe to serve ice cream to the public was the Prokabu Café in France, which was at the end of the 17th century. At that time ice cream was made with a mixture of milk, cream, butter and eggs. Even so, it is mainly the enjoyment of the upper class, and it is not popular among all classes.

In the United States, ice cream was first recorded in 1744, when a Scottish immigrant visited Maryland Governor Thomas Braden and recorded that he had delicious strawberry ice cream while dining there. The earliest ice cream advertisement in the United States appeared in the New York Gazette in 1777, where Philip Lands said that his store "serves daily" ice cream.

Ice cream was not a big business before, until Jacob Fossell established an ice cream factory in Pennsylvania in 1851. His business was very successful, and later he built many factories. Because large-scale production has greatly reduced the cost of ice cream, making ice cream more popular, and the people at the bottom can also enjoy it.

In the 1870s, German Karl von Linde invented industrial refrigeration, which greatly promoted the development of ice cream. At the same time, other technologies, such as the application of steam power, motor vehicles and electricity, make ice cream easier to produce, transport and store.

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