Working steps of bar ice cream machine


The workflow of different industrial ice cream machines […]

The workflow of different industrial ice cream machines is also different. Do you all know how different types of ice cream are produced? In the following article, let's take a brief look at the working steps of the bar ice cream machine. I believe that after reading the article, you will have a simple understanding of the production process of bar ice cream.

The common bar ice cream products should be produced in the following six steps, They are also the work principle of bar ice cream machine :

1. Pour the ice cream into the mould cup.

2. Plug the bar into the ice cream.

3. Freeze the ice cream in the cold salty water at -40 ºC ( -40 °F) .

4. Slightly melt the surface course of the ice cream in the warm salty water at +15 ~ 25 ºC ( 59 ~ 77 °F) .

5. Pull the ice cream out of the mould cup.

6. Relieve the ice cream onto the packaging machine. During the transportation procedure from pulling out to relieving, the chocolate course can be coated on the surface of the ice cream. When the ice cream is coated with chocolate, the dried fruits can also be coated on the surface.

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