Why the coronavirus is causing the ice cream market to grow?


The coronavirus outbreak is now a global pandemic. Chin […]

The coronavirus outbreak is now a global pandemic. China’s market data show that from January to February, China’s total retail sales of consumer goods fell by 20.5%. Affected by disease outbreaks and self-isolation recommendations, consumers have rearranged the order of their shopping lists. The industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus, but ice cream sales have increased during this period.

Facing the coronavirus, people need to vent their emotions to relieve anxiety. As a result, in the first and second weeks after the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese household spending on ice cream increased by 18%, and reached 38% in the next two weeks, far exceeding the increase in overall food consumption. speed. This shows that under special circumstances, if the product can meet people's emotional needs, it will achieve unexpected results.

what can we do?

1. Discover household consumption potential
Compared with other countries in the world, it is not common to eat ice cream at home in China: less than half of Chinese families will enjoy ice cream at home in a year. In the ice cream household consumer market, in the worst month of the coronavirus outbreak, the number of purchases, frequency and single purchases have all increased. It shows that in order to alleviate negative emotions, it is becoming more and more important to enjoy ice cream at home in class/work at home. If manufacturers can seize the opportunity and follow the trend, continue to encourage consumers to "enjoy ice cream at home", then there is no doubt that it will bring huge returns in the future.

2. Short-term and long-term strategies
In the short term, manufacturers can adjust their advertising strategies for packaging ice cream and increase online advertising. While encouraging consumers to "enjoy ice cream at home", we must also ensure the supply of ice cream in offline stores. During the self-isolation period, convenience stores and ice cream shops near the community are ideal choices for customers. At the same time, we should pay more attention to online sales.

In the long run, as people pay more and more attention to staying healthy and healthy, this may be an important obstacle to the development of the ice cream industry. Therefore, innovation with the theme of health is an important opportunity for the future development of ice cream products.

Packaging ice cream manufacturers should seize this opportunity to allow consumers to develop the habit of "enjoying ice cream at home" even in the off-season. This can not only make up for the current losses, but also help future market development. At the same time, we must make full preparations for the coming summer. When our lives return to normal, competition in the ice cream product market will become more intense.   https://www.icecream-machinery.com/product/rotary-icecream-filling-machine/

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