Where is the birthplace of ice cream? You never thought


The hot summer is coming, and ice cream for all ages is […]

The hot summer is coming, and ice cream for all ages is coming to our lips soon. Every summer, a variety of ice creams are placed in the store’s freezer, which makes the passing children drool and cry and want to eat. At this time, some parents will buy a box to take home and put it in the refrigerator. When you are tired, hot, or greedy, take it out to eat. In the past, my favorite food in school was Liangdian, which was delicious and not expensive. Do you want to know how such a popular thing came from?

Certainly many people think that ice cream was introduced into China from foreign countries, but this is not the case. Ancient China was full of wisdom. There were various ways to escape the summer heat, such as air-conditioning, air-conditioned rooms, fans and jade products for beds, as well as many summer resorts. In fact, as early as the Shang Dynasty, people learned how to store ice and use ice, and since then they have been using ice to make various cold drinks. In the Yuan Dynasty, my country had frozen milk food, and people called it "ice cheese."

Later, the Italian traveler Marco Polo came to China. At that time, China was the hottest season. So Yuan Shizu warmly treated him with ice cream and taught him how to make ice cream before he left. Passed into Italy. However, Italy did not promote this method, but protected it. It was not purchased by France at a high price until 300 years later, and then it was introduced to the United Kingdom via France, where it was transformed and renamed into the current ice cream. The first ice cream factory in the world was located in the United States in 1851, and ice cream became popular all over the world from here.

Since ice cream is delicious and refreshing to eat, it is popular with the public and has become a necessity in summer. However, ice cream is very irritating to the intestines and stomach, so don't eat too much. You should eat it according to your own stomach. What do you think?

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