What kind of machine is good for commercial yogurt ice cream shop


What kind of machine is good for commercial yogurt ice […]

What kind of machine is good for commercial yogurt ice cream shop

As a manufacture having had 20 plus years of experience producing ice cream/ frozen yogurt machine and running different yogurt / Ice Cream Shop / Franchise shops, we are familiar in all the things that an shop owner needs to know. One of most first and important thing that the shop owner need to know is how to choose the proper machines to make the best premium quality frozen yogurt in the world.

Then, what need to consider before buying a machine?

1. Machine with air pump is better than gravity feed

Some franchises favor the gravity style frozen yogurt machines because of their simplicity and ease of use. However many independent shop owners choose machines with air pump, because the air pump can help to increase the expansion rate and produce a higher volume of product.

2. Machine need less maintenance cost ad ease of cleaning.

Another reason to recommend the commercial ice cream machines is the machine has many intelligent functions that help to ensure less maintenance and ease of cleaning: pasteurization, defrosting, disinfection and automatic cleaning on nuzzle.

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