The more additives in ice cream, the less easy it is to melt?


In the blink of an eye, the scorching heat of midsummer […]

In the blink of an eye, the scorching heat of midsummer is already close at hand, and the temptation of ice cream is everywhere. When sweating profusely, it is a wonderful thing to have a cool and refreshing ice cream.

Faced with a dazzling array of ice creams, many people think that the more additives in the ice cream, the less easy the ice cream will melt, so choose ice cream that melts faster. Actually not.

Ice cream generally contains some additives to prevent ice cream from melting too fast. When the stabilizer is added at 0.45%, the ice cream has the best melting resistance. If the content of additives in ice cream is too high, it will also affect the taste of ice cream. Therefore, in ice cream, it is not that the more additives the ice cream is, the less easy it will be. Speaking of additives, many people will talk about discoloration. Everyone always thinks it is something that affects health. In fact, as long as they meet the requirements of the standard, the safety of food additives is guaranteed.

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