Iran claims to be the birthplace of ice cream!


Hello everyone, do you know where is the oldest ice cre […]

Hello everyone, do you know where is the oldest ice cream in the world?

Some say it originated from China, some say it originated from Italy, and Iran claims that they are the birthplace of ice cream. The Iranian people have been making and enjoying sweet frozen desserts for thousands of years. This dessert is realized through ancient and ingenious refrigeration methods. Before the invention of the refrigerator, ice was a relatively modern invention and a precious commodity. , It is not easy to obtain or make, especially in the summer, but more than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Persians figured out a way to preserve fresh ice all year round. That is the Iranian igloos that look like ice cream. These cone-shaped igloos first appeared around 400 BC. In the desert it is about 18 meters high and has a huge underground cave inside.

Iranians are loyal fans of ice cream. Iranian ice cream is sold in every corner. Saffron ice cream is Iran’s iconic dessert. In addition, the traditional Iranian ice cream is called Farod, but at this time, it is made of starch, sugar and lemon. Just like noodles made of jelly, Farod is regarded as the most popular food for the Iranian people. Iran’s ice cream is not only a popular dessert for the people, but also one of Iran’s main export products. It is mainly exported to Countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany and Georgia.

Facts have proved that ice cream was introduced to Sicily through Arabia in the eighth century, and then from Italy to Europe. The ancient Persian refreshments around the world are not only a mixture of fruit syrup and melting ice and snow, but later flavored with milk and sugar, and gradually evolved into modern Bastani Hoppers ice cream. For thousands of years, Iranians have turned frozen food into an art form. This is a great achievement in a country with extremely hot summers. Today there is an authentic Iranian Persian ice cream shop in the world's largest Iranian community in Los Angeles, USA. If you have the opportunity, you can try the Persian ice cream sandwich to see if you can taste the oldest flavor of ice cream!

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