2019 new retail era, ICE smart ice cream robot entrepreneurial


At the 2016 Alibaba Cloud Conference, Alibaba Ma Yun pr […]

At the 2016 Alibaba Cloud Conference, Alibaba Ma Yun proposed new retail for the first time in his speech. "In the next ten or two decades, there will be no e-commerce, only new retail." Now it is 2019. Ma Yun has proposed this concept for three years, and the "new retail" model has been continuously developed and applied.

New retail, that is, companies relying on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales of goods through the use of advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, thereby reshaping the format structure and ecosystem, and improving online services, A new retail model that integrates offline experience and modern logistics.

Ice machine, the leader in the application of the new retail model, is the first fully intelligent ice cream self-service sales terminal based on the "Internet of Things" architecture and one-click management through the Internet. He has filled a gap in the domestic ice cream intelligent sales field. The new brand image of ice machine motorcycle has caused a new wave in the ice cream retail industry. The visual impact of the penguin character brand image allows consumers in unfamiliar markets to feel the ice machine motorcycle when they are exposed Brand affinity, fun and innovative spirit. The ice machine is developing at an amazing speed, becoming the highlight and hot spot of shopping malls, and becoming the leading brand of Chinese ice cream.

In fact, starting a business is like falling in love, you must pay attention to methods.

Just like in the ice cream industry today, the ice machine is a new trick. It believes that if you want to break through the competition, you must ensure that your partners can have good returns as much as possible. But how to ensure the business efficiency of the business? An intelligent ice cream robot has become particularly important.

Speaking of which, the ice machine should be the only brand in the ice cream industry with cutting-edge equipment research and development capabilities. The intelligent ice cream robot launched by it has played a great role, which has allowed many businesses to increase their confidence and efficiency. The intelligent ice cream robot launched by Ice Machine and Ice Cream has the advantages that traditional ice cream equipment cannot match.

For example, in terms of equipment handling, traditional equipment requires rich experience to master, and the equipment is outdated and the products made are mediocre. The Ice machine self-service ice cream machine is directly operated by the LCD screen. The device operates according to the program by itself. The production rate is high. The quality of the product is good. The shape is beautiful and the taste is changeable. Technical threshold.

Not only that, a machine with an area of ​​1 square meter also comes with a lot of humanized design. For example, it can support automatic counting, which is convenient for merchants to measure product sales. Another example is that it has an automatic cutting function, which is precisely controlled by infrared, and strictly controls the output according to program regulations, so that waste is avoided. The automatic troubleshooting function designed by it has a positive effect on reducing the equipment failure rate and increasing the service life of the equipment ...

In the process of researching and developing intelligent equipment, Ice Machine has fully considered the actual needs of consumers and the actual needs of franchisees in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand between merchants and consumers. What you want is exactly what I can do. This naturally allows brand owners to have better returns, and also solves the problems of lack of experience and conditions of many investors and poor practical ability.

As the leading brand of smart ice cream self-service sales terminal, Ice Machine is eager to have a group of reliable partners to share this big market cake together, and mutual benefit and win-win. Since the introduction of smart devices to the market, franchisees of Ice Motors have generally received very good returns, which shows that this device has a great effect. For consumers, this is a rare opportunity. Advanced models, advanced technology, and strong resource support make ice machines worthy of dependence and investment.

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